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Laser engraving service are available.  Painted brass and

wood engraving as well as glass etching.  3D wood etching

is among the best you will find.  Laser engraving can be

done with standard type or completed with a ghost image. 

Some engraving is incorporated with shadow boxes as well. 

Rotory engraving is also available.  Prices will vary

dependent on size and time.

Laser Engraving on decorative edge plate with ghosted image.
3D Laser engraving in cherry.
Laser engraving on standard plate with ghosted image.
3D Laser engraving on cherry.
3D Laser engraving on cherry.
3D Laser engraving on reverse side of carved paddle.
V-Carve engraving on laminated birds eye maple.  Laser engraving is recommended with this application.
Laser engraving on cherry.
Preserving your legacy
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All paddles are customizible to specific

requirements.  Many of the paddles are

carved with command crest, warfare

devices and insignias but much more

can be added.  The paddles measure

28” X 9”.  The standard price is $145.

The back of the paddle can be laser

engraved on the reverse side as well.