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Jim Darlas Esteemed Woodcrafts 622 Innovation Dr Suite 102 Chesapeake, VA 23320 (757)876-5868 jimdarlas@esteemedwoodcrafts,com

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Orders may take up to 2-3 weeks to

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Copy the information below, provide the necessary data, and send it to the above email, or simply fill out the form providing the disired information in the description block.  (My apologies in advance. I’m still working out ordering details) Name: / Email: / Address: / contact #: / Product desired: / Date Needed: /
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The below plaque examples are what we can do for you at Esteemed Woodcrafts.  The plaques are completly made for specific purposes and are quite meaningful to the receipients.The prices vary based off detail, size and complexity of the design. Values are only provided for comparison.

Wall Plaques

Iwo Jima Flag Raising

A great tribute to those who have gone before and a somber reminder to all of us who still serve.  The plaques measures 28”X 18” It took 5.75 hour to cut.  the Value of this is $375.